Not limited by canvas; my work has been used to collaborate with corporate and commercial campaigns. Providing a unique way to visually capture the audience and convey a message. My murals are personalized for your organization, creating an experience that is vibrant, full of energy and incomparable. I have collaborated with Pepsi, Converse, FootLocker, Beaumont Hospitals, VH1 Black Ink Chicago, PANDORA , Atwater Brewery and the studios of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. No project is too big or too small!

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Beaumont Hospital  "Womens Health" Murals 

Beaumont Hospitals launched "Women's Health Month" campaign May 2018. Unveiling these unique murals featuring 24 patients which are located in ALL several hospital locations: Royal Oak, Farmington Hills, Grosse Pointe, Trenton, Dearborn, Taylor, Wayne, Troy

The murals recognizes the strength and journeys of these women capturing each individuals story. Read more at



The 4ft x16ft indoor mural (original) is located on at the Beaumont Hospital Trenton location. There are 6 reproductions of this indoor mural which are each displayed at all other Beaumont hospital locations. 

The 8ft x 32ft 3D outdoor mural is located on at the Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak location 

The Ellen DeGeneres Show:

Spain Middle School Mural 

The Ellen DeGeneres Show partnered with Lowes to fund renovations to Spain Middle School located in the midtown district of Detroit in 2017. Read more>>

Watch the unveiling of the newly remodeled gymnasium and mural!

Converse #SneakerClash Mural 




In 2014, Converse teamed up with Desiree Kelly and the Detroit Bus Company to transform and create 2 signature murals. The SneakClash ad campaign was experiment with outdoor non product centric advertisement. A global campaign to push outside the square boundaries of magazines and billboards into the real world. This interactive ad was to promote the Chuck Taylor sneakers exploding with colors.  Each piece was simply numbered and tagged or signed by the artist...These murals can be spotted traveling the streets of Detroit and all over Michigan giving tours by DBC or Ride for Ride program to provide transportation to students for after school programs in Detroit.

Atwater Brewery " Street Artist IPA"Label

Residential Wall Mural

DMC Sanai Grace Hospital Mural (DET) 

Abe in Shades & JFK Mural  (Royal Oak Commission for the Arts) 

Cone Communications:

Sustainable Brands Conference (DET) Mural


Street of LOVES mural


FootLocker Inc

Foot Locker INC opens first "POWER STORE" IN USA  in Detroit/Eastpointe featuring custom work by notable artist Desiree Kelly




In 2018, FootLocker commissioned Desiree Kelly to create an identity for the metro Detroit market. Detroit style paintings were created for the use of indoor displays and outdoor Locker boxes.

2019: FOOT LOCKER OPENS ITS 1ST POWER STORE IN US. Artwork includes: facade Mural, (2) 8x10ft Hand painted panel in entrance vestibule, interior store wall displays, artwork for 4 dressing rooms, t-shirt apparel design "Detroit" inspired

Watch the process of creating this one-of-a-kind 3D mural in Painting a Portrait of Health!


Hamm's brought Detroit the "Smallest Dive Bar" in Nov 2019. Located in the Detroit Shipping Company in Midtown. The physical location of the bar is in a shipping container. The goal of this project was to illustrate what this bar would look like if it was a stand alone location.



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